This huge banner in display is courtesy of John Hanson (Australia) and was a focus of much attention at the show. John has supported LAPC many times with posters, stickers, banners. LAPC thanks you John.​

Our very special thanks goes to this smiling energetic youngstars. At the end of the show when everyone was tired, Gary Romig, Javier Gomez, George DelaNuez, Kenny Davis, J.P.Isom and Bill Griebel stayed and helped tear down the show and return supplies to the trailer.

Some of the proud winners at the show.

United Oriental Roller Association put on one of the best show area.

Attending in their first pigeon show, Mike (left) and Judy (right) Henry are our Recording Secretary Kathie Johnson’s (middle) sister and brother-in-law.

Friends relaxing after lunch - left to right Drew Lobenstein, Steve Ball, Bill Griebel, Chet Edmunds.

Well known pigeon artist Gary Romig (left) is showing the large banner he did for the English Trumpeters (banner courtesy of Mark Johnson).

Great minds at work - President Leon Stephens (his wife to his left) discussing about the upcoming Grand National over lunch with Fred Maenpa and some of the other officers.

Ken Davis, owner of Pomona Feed donated many items for the great raffle. There were over 50 sacks of feed donation from Leach Grain.

Youngest exhibitors Mia Mefferd with Gavin DeCarlo posing with Junior's Chair Lonny Mefferd and Junior's judge Drew Lobenstein.

John Heppner attended with his wife and served as judge for the English Trumpeters.

Right: John Mahaffey (left), Drew Lobenstein (middle) and Leon Stephens (right) served as judges for the Parade of Champions. Left: Judging going on.

Junior awards and gifts on display.

There was plenty of food and Cheff Bill Harrison is known for his great culinary skills; everyone enjoyed fully.

Just as the other previous years, the Weyrauch family expertly handled a ton of task including entries, raffle, lunch tickets etc. Shown here is Dennis Weyrauch with his wife Rosemary and three grand children.

Junior's Judge Drew Lobenstein with proud winners: John DeCarlo III, Emily Isom, Van Tipich, Gavin DeCarlo, & Mia Mefferd.

Rusty Cosby's beautiful white fantail was judged best of show. Proud Rusty is showing off the Bob Farley Perpetual Plaque that he just won.

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Once again the LAPC pulled together, "bucked the odds," and pulled off a most successful young bird show. It was necessary at the last minute to cancel the Sept. 14 show as a major brush fire erupted in a canyon not far from the show site. Irvine Park was closed and used by the fire department as a staging area for the many men and equipment necessary to fight the fire. Unfortunately, fanciers from New Mexico, Utah and  Arizona were already in route when the show was cancelled.  The West and Fantail Clubs held separate lawn shows at members' homes to accommodate those that traveled those many miles. Some felt a rescheduling of the show would result in a very poor turnout and favored cancelling the show altogether. However, a majority felt the "Show Must Go On" and on it did.  Dennis Weyrauch got us an updated park permit, Bill Harrison bought a revised list of food for the bar-b-que and George de la Nuez saw to it that the cages were hauled to park early Sunday morning. Ken Davis showed up with a truck loaded with 50 sacks of feed courtesy of Leach Grains and pigeon products from his Pomona Feeds store. Lonny Mefferd had a great display of trophies and prizes lined up for the juniors. Fred Maenpa and Stan Makse got down to the park at 8:00 a.m. to hold our spot. Chef Bill Harrison did his usual splendid job cooking with help from Ron Zottneck. Although the entry number was down from last year's show, it still made for a fine display of the various breeds and the quality especially in the Parade of Champions at the end of the show. Seeing all those breed champions in one place is quite a treat.  We had about 50 exhibitors and over a hundred attendees. In the Parade of Champions some 40 breeds were up front in judging pens. Drew Lobenstein, John Mahaffey and Leon Stephens were charged with picking the show champion and the top ten birds in the show. This was a daunting task to say the least.  When the show was over and everyone was tired, Gary Romig, Javier Gomez, George De La Nuez, Ken Davis, J P Isom, and Bill Griebel stayed over and took the show pens down, loaded the truck, cleaned the area. All in all, it was a great show of team effort.

                                                                           Robert Nolan

On the show's original scheduled date, September 14, 2014, the venue Irvine Regional Park, was taken over by firefighters due to a forest fire, forcing a last minute change in show date.

A True Show of