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Places of Interest

"The 8th Grand National

proudly hosted by LAPC."

Noted pigeon photographer Dick Hammer from Holland will photograph winning birds.


  • Famous World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson to open the show with white pigeon release Thursday, around Noon.
  • Grand National Press Release & Media Advisory is now available HERE....
  • As per OCC rules, no outside food/beverage is allowed inside the Convention center.

"Separate Junior's meet, raffle, auction, trophies and lots more."

"Over $1,000 in Cash Prizes."

"Don't forget to attend the most

amazing banquet."

Special Polo and T-Shirts available now for at-cost sale.

Download Floor Plan below.

Participating Specialty Clubs

Special Placard for the top 50 breed entries.

Download Show Flyer below.

LAPC welcomes you to Southern California, land of the gorgeous Pacific Beaches, many  theme parks, envious weather, Hollywood, and so much more. Come and enjoy one of the biggest and greatest pigeon shows ever in the whole of North America. We boast the second highest entry ever in a National, and a show like  no other before. Bring  your family and friends and make it a vacation trip enjoying the numerous amenities Southern  California offers you. LAPC has spared no effort in making  this experience THE BEST for you and  your  friends. We are DREAMING!!!..........

Contact Show Secretary

Fred Maenpa

"Fanciers from more than 20 foreign countries participating."

Free patches & calendars for all exhibitors.

Get the details.

Download the unique 2015 Grand National Premium Book below.

A 77,000 sq ft state of the art exhibition hall.

Ontario Convention Center

2000 E. Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA 91764


January 29-31, 2015;  9am-5pm


(909) 289-2308

Banquet Contact

​Monica Soares

The biggest pigeon art show ever

Exhibition Hall - Ontario Convention Center

8,000 birds in one show!!!

(714) 538-7408

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