Just as the other previous years, the Weyrauch family expertly handled a ton of task including entries, raffle, lunch tickets etc. Shown here is Dennis Weyrauch with his wife Rosemary and three grand children.

Right: John Mahaffey (left), Drew Lobenstein (middle) and Leon Stephens (right) served as judges for the Parade of Champions. Left: Judging going on.

Junior's Judge Drew Lobenstein with proud winners: John DeCarlo III, Emily Isom, Van Tipich, Gavin DeCarlo, & Mia Mefferd.

There was plenty of food and Cheff Bill Harrison is known for his great culinary skills; everyone enjoyed fully.

Attending in their first pigeon show, Mike (left) and Judy (right) Henry are our Recording Secretary Kathie Johnson’s (middle) sister and brother-in-law.

John Heppner attended with his wife and served as judge for the English Trumpeters.

Some of the proud Junior champions.

United Oriental Roller Association put on one of the best show area.

Friends relaxing after lunch - left to right Drew Lobenstein, Steve Ball, Bill Griebel, Chet Edmunds.

Ken Davis, owner of Pomona Feed donated many items for the great raffle. There were over 50 sacks of feed donation from Leach Grain.

It seems each year our annual young bird show has some obstacles to over come. Last year it was a fire in the Irvine Park area that caused a shuffling of dates that resulted in a smaller attendance than usual. This year our bulletin editor Chuck Zeller’s helper Md. Shaheed had a serious medical issue that landed him in the hospital for an extended period of time. This resulted in our September bulletin not reaching people in time to remind them about the show. Add on top of that hundred degree temperatures in many portions of the Southland and you have a situation that threatened to once again reduce participation. Surprisingly this did not keep the faithful from attending and showing. The total number of birds 456 was only down slightly from the 2014 total of 461. Interestingly enough the total number of exhibitors increased from 47 to 66 a noticeable improvement. Mother nature cooperated dropping the temperature out of triple digits and thanks to the shade provided by the lovely hundred year old trees hovered around 90 degrees. When the wind came up, which was often, it was actually delightful.
To host a one day show of this size takes tremendous cooperation. Starting with Stan Makse and Fred Maenpa getting to the park at 8:00 a.m.to secure our spot. By 9:00 a.m. Lennie Mefferd had the club trailer at the park loaded with all the cages, saw horses and plywood and ready for set up.  A crew of “young bloods” and some old bloods as well had the majority of the show set up by 10:00 a.m. Dennis Weyrauch and his two granddaughters Violet and Lily Tipich assisted Grandpa with taking entries. By noon the majority of the birds were entered. After a tasty taco lunch the show was ready to begin. 
Leading breeds included English Trumpeters (98), Wests (81), Fantails (60) and Pouters (50).  House Pigeons had an outstanding entry with 40 birds with Rafie Beshian, Kathie Johnson, Nicollete Grill, John Heppner and Lennie Mefferd being the entrants.  In the parade of champion mature birds, John DeCarlo Jr. won with a Chinese Owl. This is the third time John has won the Bob Farley Memorial trophy for best overall bird. Drew Lobenstein, Gary Romig and Leon Stephens did the judging. In the parade of champion squeakers, an English Trumpeter of first time exhibitor Mark Makipo was judged the best overall squeaker and garnered a $50 first prize. John DeCarlo Jr., George De la Nuez and Bob Nolan judged the squeakers. It came down to the yellow splash English Trumpeter and a great Figurita of Lenny Mefferd for the top prize.

The end of the day was capped off by the fabulous LAPC raffle that once again thanks to Kenny Davis’ Pomona Feed and Leach’s Feed donations of 50 sacks of feed drew a huge crowd. Nearly $700 was taken in on the raffle. Thanks to Kenny for seeing to it that all that feed got trucked to the park. Kenny never lets us down. He and Leach Feed continue to keep our shows and raffles in the black. Without their support we would have a lot less in the bank account.

 The show is truly one of the high points of LAPC activities during the year. A wonderful opportunity for breeders to get together and show off their new hopefuls. Many do not make our monthly meetings and this event draws them out and we have a chance to shake hands, renew friendships, and get caught up on their adventures in life.  For the hobby is about more than the birds, it’s the personal relationships. But there is no doubt it is the birds that are the glue that holds it all together. Thanks to everyone who played a role in the success of this show. Hey gang this is what it is all about. Some say we are a dying hobby… but the LAPC Young Bird Show is definitely holding its own.

                                                                         Robert Nolan

Junior awards and gifts on display.

Rusty Cosby's beautiful white fantail was judged best of show. Proud Rusty is showing off the Bob Farley Perpetual Plaque that he just won.

Great minds at work - President Leon Stephens (his wife to his left) discussing about the upcoming Grand National over lunch with Fred Maenpa and some of the other officers.



Well known pigeon artist Gary Romig (left) is showing the large banner he did for the English Trumpeters (banner courtesy of Mark Johnson).