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Hello fellow club members, fanciers and hobbyists on all corners of the world.  I welcome you to the Los Angeles Pigeon Club. Since 1911 our club has made a difference among pigeon fanciers not only in the greater Los Angeles or Southern California, but also the entire State, North America and beyond. We are proud to not only survive, but actually thrive and prosper each day since the time of our conception.  

Thanks to all the support that made it all possible!

Each year we hold the famous Pageant of Pigeons which draws a few thousand entries.  Our yearly Young Bird show is popular among friends and family, and serve as a family day-out among the amazing natural beauty of the Irvine Regional Park.  We are also the proud host of the 2015 NPA Grand National in January 2015; the greatest show of pigeons in North America, to be held in Ontario, California. This will be the 8th time LAPC is hosting the Grand National, and as it happened a number of times before, we are up for setting a record entry.  We also will be honored by participation from many of our friends from overseas including Germany and UK.  LAPC is surely taking the pigeon hobby at the highest level through the dedicated hard work from our members and supporters.  Our kudos goes to you.

In this time of gadgets and internet, our vision is to clearly stay ahead with specially our youngstars and reach out more by using special tools like the social media networks.  Be sure to check out our YouTube video channel and join our group forum.                                                                        

​​Leon Stephens


"It’s amazing what we can do when we come together...."

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