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A beautiful compilation of numerous pictures and video clips of the “Greatest Show Ever.” It is compiled in a unique story-telling way covering the show from conception till teardown. Quality soundtrack and explanatory subtitles make this video an unforgettable entertaining experience that you are bound to fall in love with....

"Some Memories Never Fade..."

Support our Club and our Hobby by purchasing copies of the DVD for only $10*.


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LAPC is proud to produce the very first of it's kind, a special DVD presenting the highlights of the "Greatest Show Ever," the 2015 NPA Grand National.

"Champion Birds"

* DVD is available for pickup on our Club meeting nights. $5 shipping within US. International shipping, contact us.


A rare slideshow compilation of 47 different breed champions, including the top 5 show champions and their proud owners. The slideshow is accompanied by entertaining soundtrack and subtitles.