Ken Davis

board of directors

Ken Davis has served several terms on the LAPC Board. He is also the NPA district director for California.  His Pomona Feed Company generously supports many pigeon publications, catalogs, etc. by placing ads, and making large donations during our raffle and shows. He funded a special Ontario Grand National poster that is being given to all national exhibitors.  His favorite breed is the Oriental Roller and Short Face Tumblers, of which he is always at or near the top; he is one of the most knowledgeable breeders of the color Almond. Known for his "off the wall" brand of humor Ken Davis keeps things lively at every pigeon event.

We are proud to have many truly accomplished fanciers Club, which sets us apart....

Loving Memories

We cherish the memories of our wonderful friends who has left us. They may be gone but not forgotten....

our glorious history

Ever wonder how it all came together! Find out how helping hands from people like you made our Club a success....

Chuck Zeller

bulletin editor

Although not technically an LAPC officer Chuck’s post as Bulletin Editor has played a pivotal role in the success of the LAPC.  He joined the LAPC in the 1950’s time period.  His love for West of England Tumblers led to his writing of the most complete book on the subject ever published, West of England Tumblers in America: 1913 - Today.  Although now living in North Carolina he has continued to write, and support the LAPC from long distance on a daily basis.  In addition to our monthly Bulletin, he writes various other publications for the Club including the 2015 Grand National Premium Book.  He lives an exemplary life of a truly passionate Club supporter.

J. P. Isom

board of directors

JP grew up in Southern California, but spent many years in Utah.  He and his family recently moved to the Big Bear area.  JP is a carpenter by trade.  He is a quite active member of the LAPC, and is the newest member on the Board of Directors.  His enviable reputation as a showman rests on his outstanding record with Oriental Rollars.  He is a great mentor for his teenage daughter Emily, who is growing up to be one of the outstanding next generation pigeon fanciers.  With his energy and enthusiasm, he brings nothing but positiveness to our club. 

Stan Makse

board of directors

Stan is one of the newer converts to pigeons, taking up the hobby relatively recently due to the influence of his long time friend Fred Maenpa.  With Fred's help, Stan has naturally developed a love for Pouters - Brunners and Voorburg Shield Croppers being his favorite breeds.  Stan has a great work ethic and is currently working as one of the LAPC table show chairman.  He can definitely be counted on to participate in the LAPC's meeting and steps forward whenever something needs to be done.  He is currently our Club's right-hand-man.

Lonny Mefferd

BOARD OF DIRECTORS/junior program director

Lonny has made his presence known with fine showings of Flying Oriental Rollers.  One of his other passions is collecting reptiles, of which he is quite knowledgeable. He has provided the LAPC juniors with well-organized competition at the Young Bird show and the Pageant of Pigeons.  He has done a great job helping publicize the LAPC and the pigeon hobby by appearances at the Family Pet Expo and other junior's events.  Lonny brings a pleasant demeanor to his tasks and fine work ethic.  HE works hard on our monthly table shows by hauling coops, setting them up, and taking them down.  One of the youngest members of the LAPC board, he will be counted on in the future to carry on bigger tasks for sure.

Kathie Johnson

Recording secretary

Kathie has had an interest in pigeons since 1996.  Her favorite breeds are House Pigeons, Pomeranian Pouters, and English Trumpeters.  She recently won the Chris Harris award for the best bird by a female fancier.  Prior to serving as a Recording Secretary for our Club, she was in charge of the Junior's program for several years. She also has been our monthly meeting refreshment chairperson for several years.  Kathie has a passion for decorating; she can be surely counted on to decorate the Pageant show hall with flowers and plants every year.  In recognition to her work for LAPC, she was awarded the Don Andrews service award in 2013.  She is the Secretary of the Giant Hungarian House Pigeon Club.  She imported House Pigeons from Hungary to aid in quality improvement of birds in our country.  She also traveled to Germany, Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand, visiting pigeon fanciers and attending shows.  Kathie definitely brings a lot of experience to our team. 

Dennis Weyrauch


Dennis is a retired school teacher and comes from a family of pigeon fanciers.  His father, Bob, was a well-known Modena breeder.  Dennis has not only continued on his father's footsteps, but exceeded him, earning impressive show records with Modenas in various National competitions.  He is a recognized NPA Master Breeder of Modenas.  His work, for many years, as LAPC Treasurer, has been exemplary - accurately accounting for large/small sums of transactions, filing our tax returns, taking Young Bird show entries, selling ads for our Pageant Marked Catalog just scratch the surface of what Dennis does for the Club.  LAPC is thankful to have Dennis elevating our standards through his dedication and hard work.

Charlie Rowe

1st Vice President

Charlie is a relatively new LAPC officer, and is best described as a hard working critical thinker.  He is also serving as the President of the National Pouter and Cropper Club.  He has displayed great leadership skills with his favorite breed, the Horseman Pouter, by bringing it from being almost completely unknown a few years back to one of the favorite Pouters in major shows.  His personality is a bit on the quieter side, however, when Charlie talks, everyone listens.  He brings a strong business sense to LAPC board meetings.  He is currently serving as one of the three Table Show Chairmen.  Charlie is no doubt a potential leader of the LAPC in near future.

Fred Maenpa

2nd Vice President

Fred is a work-machine.  He is the show manager for the NPA 2015 Grand National, and the LAPC's annual Pageant of Pigeons show.  He has been a member of LAPC for over 50 years.  Fred is well-known to be an outstanding breeder and judge of various breeds of Pouters.  He has a long history and interest in Norwich Croppers, Brunner Pouters, and Holle Croppers.  Being a retired teacher, he is extremely well organized, and has the reputation of getting things done.


Leon has been a member of the LAPC since 1958, and has served several terms as President since that time.  He has traveled to Germany on many occasions and imported excellent quality of Swallow and various other color pigeon breeds to help improve the quality of breeds in this country.  He is a recognized all-breed judge and a knowledgeable pigeon geneticist.  He has a large collection of many breeds of pigeons, totaling over 500.  He is an amicable person and ready to help under all circumstances.

accomplished fanciers

Leon Stephens

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a note from our president

Robert Nolan

board of directors / lifetime member

Bob joined the LAPC in 1956 and has served on the Board of Director for over thirty years.  He has earned the Don Andrews and I.W.Metcalf awards for service to our Club.  He recently was awarded a honorary lifetime membership to LAPC.  He is the author of the well-acclaimed 448-page book titled History of the Los Angeles Pigeon Club, which gave him the title "Historian of the Club."  He continues to work for the LAPC assisting with the production of the Pageant Marked Catalog and other publications.  He is also a frequent writer for various pigeon related publications.  He has served as a judge nationally and internationally including in countries such as Australia, Mexico, and Canada.  He is a recognized NPA Master Breeder of English Trumpeters who is also active with Holle and Norwich Croppers.  Bob's much enthusiastic motto is, "If it's good for the LAPC, I'm all for it."

A passionate dedication to the pigeon fancy....

Our team of excellent personalities, with the highest expertise and dedication in the individual areas they serve, is there to take our Club to the next level.  Together, we hold the much acclaimed Pageant of Pigeons and the great Young Bird show each year.  Our team is working diligently to make the upcoming NPA Grand National to be held in Ontario, California in January 29-31, 2015, as one of the greatest shows ever.  Our team of Board Members and Office Holders are always working hand-in-hand with all the Club members to make our Club a success each and every day.  Find us below and get to know us. We are here always to serve you better.....

Lennie Mefferd

board of directors

Lennie has raised pigeons for most of his life.  He has served as President of the LAPC before, and has also been on the Board of Directors for several terms.  He is currently the Secretary of the National Pigeon Association.  He has one of the finest collection of pigeon literature in the country, and has graciously loaned much of his collectibles to the World of Wings Pigeon Museum in Oklahoma.  He has traveled widely in Europe in search of outstanding birds in many breeds.  He has imported over one hundred birds into this country from the best breeders in Europe to boost the quality of pigeons in this country.  His contribution to pigeon fancy world is well known.  LAPC is proud to have such an avid fancier in our team.

George De La Nuez

board of directors

George, as a youth, was mentored by the famous Oriental Roller breeder Teddy Hull, who implanted a love of the breed in him.  He is also an excellent breeder of high quality Swallows.  A carpenter by trade, he enjoys dancing as a second pastime.  He, along with his friend Bill Griebel, sees that the famous Gary Romig pigeon banners are hung every every at the Pageant of Pigeons.  George is well-known for his skills as a pigeon photographer, and has photographed birds even at the world class German shows in Leipzig and Nuremburg.  His photographic work often appears in marked catalogs and pigeon publications all over the world.

Lynn Watson

special awards/fund raising chairman

Lynn became involved with the Pageant of Pigeons and the LAPC in the 1970s.  He has kept a relatively small stud of English Trumpeter and Holle Croppers for many years.  He has earned his fame however, for his knowledge of articles on pigeons, specially pigeon art and pigeon books.  As a Fund Raising Chairman, he has diligently worked to raise thousands of dollars for our treasury by rounding up donations, and through purchase of pigeon art and collectibles for our annual Super Auction night.  He is currently the Club's Raffle Chairman and brings many items each month on our meeting nights for a great raffle.  LAPC is grateful for his work.