LAPC has over 150 members which includes breeders from all over the country. Many of our members are veteran show breeders and are willing to help anyone who wants to take up pigeon hobby. Raising pigeons is possibly easier than most other birds. The three main items you need is a housing that stays dry, clean feed and clean water. Pigeon feed can be purchased from your area feed stores. In addition to feed, pigeon grit is good, may be even essential, to give to your birds. If you are new to pigeons, there are many websites which give detailed information about raising pigeons; however, dont get carried away and keep things simple, specially to begin with.

As a final note of caution, there are many people who sell birds over the internet. Be careful about who you buy your birds from. If anyone is unwilling to show you the exact birds they are selling or unwilling to send pictures of the exact birds, it is possibly best not to buy. Do not settle for example pictures and insist to either see or at least to get pictures of the birds you will be buying. Pigeons vary widely in terms of quality, and, thereby, the price can vary widely as well. A pigeon of a breed that is show quality can be a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand; however, the same breed can be say $10 for a lower quality bird. Just for keeping as a pet, any quality is fine as long as they are healthy. However, if you are thinking about breeding seriously and participating in shows any time in the future even if it may be a few years from now, then start with good quality stock birds from known breeders, even if that would require a higher investment; you will never regret the extra expense. If you must wait to get good quality birds, that is better than acquiring birds that you would have no choice but to discard later.

As a new breeder the biggest challenge might be to acquire quality birds. We always help people looking for pigeons to buy by giving you contacts of our breeders who raise the breeds of your choice. If you are new to pigeons, may be the first thing you should do is look at the two videos on this page and find out which breeds you would be interested to raise. There are over 700 to 800 breeds of fancy pigeons, however, the most common fancy pigeons are West of England Tumblers, English Trumpeters, Jacobins, Frillbacks, Pouters, Indian Fantails, many color pigeons including Swallows and Archangel, Modenas, Kings, Chinese Owl etc. Once you have a general idea about which breed or breeds you like, send us an email with your name, contact information and a few breeds that you like and we will try to find out breeders to help you. If you are unsure, send us an email and we can help you find the right breed for you. Not all breeds require the same attention and skill to raise; be aware that some breeds are considered quite difficult to raise.

Remember, we are here to help with anything that you might need. Have fun raising pigeons and enjoy your birds...

Md Shaheed

Membership Secretary