Raffle Awards

Pomona Feed and Leach Grain & Milling graciously donates many sacks of feed (wow!), and a lot of other good stuff every year.

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Junior Awards

Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th place in Squeakers and also in Matures.


​- Grand champion: Bob Farley Perpetual Plaque & 50 lb feed
- 2nd through 10th place: 50 lb feed
- Champion Squeaker: $100 (donated by Bob Nolan & John DeCarlo Jr.)
- Reserve Champion Squeaker: $75
- 3rd Best Squeaker: $25.00
NOTE: Specialty Breed Clubs may offer their own awards for Champion and Reserve Champion in their breed.

Exhibitor’s Info
​- Download Entry Blank
- Entries of birds close at 12 noon.
- The Young Bird Show is for all breeds that are banded with 2017 bands.
- There will be classes for Mature young birds and unmolted Squeakers.
- The Parade of Champions takes place as soon as the individual breed champions are picked.  Judges will pick the overall show Champion and 9 Reserve Champions.
- Specialty clubs assign their own judges to judge their breed.
- Non sponsored breeds are assigned an experienced judge by the LAPC.
- All breed specialty clubs are invited to hold a meet.
- We need volunteers throughout the day.
- Help is needed (and lots of it) setting up the show and taking it down.  The cages arrive around 9:00 a.m. So any early arrivers would be greatly appreciated. It is your show, so please help with the set up and/or tear down.

Irvine Regional Park

General Info

- $5.00 per vehicle charge to enter the park.
- LAPC will have catered lunch, price to be decided.
- Irvine Regional Park has great expanses of lawn and lots of mature old Oak Trees providing ample shade, but it can be hot in September; so come prepared.
- We advise attendees to bring lawn chairs and cold drinks for themselves.  Bring snacks and plenty of drinks for kids.
- The Park offers many Family-Friendly activities that can be checked out online
- Usually various breeds of pigeons are available to purchase. However, we encourage sellers to not use the privilege to peddle culls, but rather to offer quality birds.
- Join the huge raffle at the end of the show.

Irvine Regional Park

1 Irvine Park Road, Irvine, CA 92869

Welcome to the LAPC's Famous

Young Bird Show